Get BOLD with color!

I cannot tell you how many inquiries I get from frustrated clients stating that they've purchased everything imaginable to create their dream living or work space but, once they put everything in place, it still seemed as though something was "missing!"

Other clients call and tell me that they already have a nicely decorated foundation in place however, the space still looks very "boring" to them. They simply want to hire me to go in to create a "wow effect!" By the way...... The "wow effect" call is one of my favorite calls! I get excited about simply going into my client's homes and putting the "cherry on top!"

Most times upon my detailed assessment of the client's space that they are unhappy with, there is one very simple but monumental ingredient missing.

That missing ingredient is COLOR!

NEVER be afraid to introduce color into your décor projects! The right bursts of bold color can change an entire space instantly!

If you're unsure of how to coordinate a fabulously unique color scheme for your dream space, contact Brandy Landry Interiors today! We can help. One of our experienced color consultants will be happy to arrange a convenient in-home color consultation to assist you.

~ Brandy ~

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